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Got a new dog, need a new name? Here’s a list of surf names for dogs to whet your appetite.  At the top is an alphabetical list, and then near the bottom are some breed-specific names.

If you’re looking, we also have some sassy girl dog names, a good list of girl dog names for each letter of the alphabet (and their meanings), and a list of male dog names for each letter of the alphabet.

This was my first and only foray into the AI realm – these were all created by AI. I think it did a pretty good job!

Alphabetical list of surf dog names

Aqua Airedale
Aqua Akita
Aqua Aussie
Aqua Australian Cattle Dog
Banzai Beagle
Beach Babe Beagle
Beach Ball Beagle
Beach Boy Beagle
Beach Bum Basset Hound
Catch the Wave Cocker Spaniel
Catching Waves Corgi
Cocoa Caboodle
Curl Canaan Dog
Current Cocker Spaniel
Dog Beach Dalmatian
Doggie Dalmatian
Doggie Dude Dalmatian
Doggone Dachshund
Doxie Duke
Eddie English Setter
Endless Energy English Setter
Endless Summer English Bulldog
Endless Summer English Springer Spaniel
Endless Waves English Setter
Fido Frisbee
Flip Flop French Bulldog
Flipper French Bulldog
Flowing Fur Foxhound
Fluffy Floater Flat-Coated Retriever
Gidget Golden Retriever
Gnarly Great Dane
Gnarly Greyhound
Good Vibes Golden Retriever
Gulf Stream Greyhound
Hang Ten Husky
Hangin’ Five Havanese
Hawaiian Hound Havanese
Hawaiian Hound Hovawart
Hula Hound
Indy Irish Setter
Island Hopper Irish Setter
Island Ibizan Hound
Island Inu Inuit
Islander Irish Wolfhound
Jaws Jack Russell Terrier
Jazzy Jack Russell Terrier
Jet Setter Jack Russell Terrier
Jetty Jack Russell Terrier
Kahuna Komondor
Kauai Kelpie
Kelpie Kelpie
Kona Keeshond
Lilo Labrador Retriever
Longboard Labrador
Longboard Lhasa Apso
Longboarding Leonberger
Malibu Miniature Schnauzer
Maui Mastiff
Maui Mix
Maui Mutt
Nalu Newfoundland
North Pacific Newfoundland
North Shore Newfoundland
North Shore Norwich Terrier
Ocean Breeze Otterhound
Ocean Odyssey Otterhound
Ocean Otterhound
Oceanic Otterhound
Pipeline Pitbull
Pipeline Pointer
Pipeline Pomeranian
Pipeline Poodle
Quiksilver Collie
Reef Runner Rottweiler
Rip Curl Rottweiler
Rip Tide Rottweiler
Riptide Ridgeback
Surfboard Shepherd
Surfer Samoyed
Surfing Schnauzer
Surfing Spaniel
Tidal Terrier
Tidal Wave Terrier
Tiki Terrier
Tsunami Tibetan Mastiff
Ultimate Surfing Dog Utonagan
Ulu Utonagan
Undercurrent Unknown Breed
Undertow Umbrella Cockatoo
Wave Walker Weimaraner
Wave Watcher Whippet
Waverider Whippet
Wipeout Whippet
X-treme Xoloitzcuintli
Yellow Yellow Lab
Ziggy Zuchon

Breed-specific surf names for dogs: 

surf dog names_retriever

Labrador Retriever

  • Ripper the Retriever
  • Kelpie the Kahunasurfer
  • Wave the Water Dog
  • Paddle the Pup
  • Swell the Surfdog
  • Luna the Longboarder
  • Tidal the Tubular
  • Surfing Sam the Labrador
  • Reef the Retriever
  • Finley the Fin Finder

Golden Retriever

  • Shredder the Golden
  • Surf the Swell
  • Nose the Noserider
  • Cruiser the Canine
  • Fin the Fetcher
  • Sandy the Surfing Setter
  • Catcher the Canine Cruiser
  • Waverly the Wave Rider
  • Splash the Surfing Spaniel
  • Kona the Canine Kahuna

French Bulldog

  • Grommet the Frenchie
  • Barrel the Bulldog
  • Stoked the Snorter
  • Reef the Rascal
  • Tube the Terrier
  • Boarding Baxter
  • Piper the Paw-some Paddler
  • Tubby the Tube Thrasher
  • Splashy the Surfing Snorter
  • Tidal the Tenacious Terrier

Australian Shepherd

  • Breaker the Blue
  • Coast the Collie
  • Point the Pooch
  • Maverick the Mini
  • Shaka the Shepherd
  • Cruiser the Curl Catcher
  • Baja the Board Breaker
  • Sol the Surfing Shepherd
  • Shore the Shredder
  • Blue the Barrel Rider

Border Collie

  • Beach the Border
  • Curl the Collie
  • Wipeout the Woolly
  • Maverick the Mutt
  • Hangten the Hound
  • Tide the Tail Wagger
  • Finn the Fetching Flow Rider
  • Shred the Surfing Sheepdog
  • Piper the Pipeline Pooch
  • Crash the Curl Chaser

Bernese Mountain Dog

  1. Berner Beach Bum
  2. Mountain Maverick
  3. Wave-Riding Winston
  4. Bernese Boarder
  5. Alpine Adrenaline
  6. Powder Pup Pipeline
  7. Big Swell Baloo
  8. Snowy Shore Shredder
  9. Bernese Breaker
  10. Glacier Glide Gracie


  1. Board Breaker Buddy
  2. Barrel-chasing Baxter
  3. Boxer the Beachcomber
  4. Surfing Scout
  5. Big Kahuna Koda
  6. Wave Wrangler Wally
  7. Punchy Pipeline
  8. Boxer the Boarder
  9. Boxer the Breaker
  10. Boxer the Beach Bum


  1. Dinky Diver
  2. Wiener Wave-rider
  3. Miniature Maverick
  4. Sausage Shredder
  5. Dashin’ Dune
  6. Tiny Tuberider
  7. Littles Longboarder
  8. Wiener Wipeout
  9. Petite Pipeline
  10. Doxie Drifter


  1. Ripcurl Rover
  2. Surfboard Samson
  3. Wave Rider Winston
  4. Pipeline Pup
  5. Hang Ten Hank
  6. Beach Break Baxter
  7. Barrel Buster Bruno
  8. Shoreline Shelly
  9. Tidal Wave Tessa
  10. Swell Seeker Spike

I hope you have found this useful for naming your new pup with some form of a surf dog name. As I mentioned at the beginning, this has been my first foray into AI, and the prompt I used, in case you are curious, was:

Give me 10 alliterative surfing relate dog names for a dachshund

Sample AI prompt

…and then follow that with additional prompts for the different breeds.

Happy Dogging!

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