The best comfy, calming dog bed

The best comfy calming dog bed we've found. Inexpensive and sturdy!

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I started writing this to create a sort of “dog bed review” article here but instead will focus on the single comfy calming dog beds that have become the standard around here – the Coolaroo dog bed.  You can see a couple of them in the header of our website.

Don’t Rocket and Rusty look cool, calm, and collected?

We’ve published another article detailing our experiments in finding an indestructible dog bed. We have aggressive chewers, so we went through the rounds for that and, in the end, found beds that are very tough and yet exert a calming influence as well.

We thought it was worth sharing.

A companion page to this calming dog bed page is our page to help you understand how to calm a dog down.

For anxious dogs that need extra help, there are anxiety meds for dogs that can help.  As for humans, sometimes the most comfortable bed in the world isn’t the answer, and there are underlying reasons for anxiety.  It makes sense to work with your vet and see if a medication is warranted in times like these.

Coolaroo dog bed – the best calming bed for dogs

The bed we’re talking about here is the Coolaroo dog bed, and you can find it on Amazon by clicking that link or on the image below.  With over 17,000 reviews averaging out to 4.5+, almost a thousand answered questions, and an excellent price, it’s worth a close look.  It’s also quite simple:

Coolaroo dog bed. Tough, relaxing, cool

We’ve bought just about every type of bed you can imagine and have yet to find one that is so universally loved by our pack.

It’s raised, so easy to clean under, which is good as the mesh fabric also acts as kind of a brush, and you’ll find a lot of hair under the bed if it’s been in one place for an extended length of time.

Being raised allows air to circulate the dog, so it helps keep the dog cool.

It’s easy to clean by just taking it outside (it’s light and easy to carry) and hosing it down.

The legs and frame are made of metal, and the sleeping area is made of strong mesh.

This mesh fabric is resistant to fleas, mites, mold, and mildew.

The bed weighs about five pounds and takes less than 10 minutes to put together.

We have seen some chewing on the corners but only on one of them, and it wasn’t destroyed. It was like the dogs were checking it out to see what it was made of.

The Coolaroo dog bed comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and various colors.  I have seen extra-large on occasion, so they are out there but a bit more difficult to find.

We have several Coolaroo beds around our property, but on a nice day, it’s fun to bring them up on the deck so the dogs can get their time in the sun.  They seem to do good in poor weather, as we have left them out during storms.

Since the construction basically strong fabric mesh and metal, there’s not much that will go bad.

They don’t weigh much, so they can get blown around in strong winds – keep this in mind if leaving outside in the elements.

The sizes and weight ratings for the beds are as follows.

Dimensions are Length x Width x Height:

  • Small: 35 x 22 x 8 inches, up to 50 lbs
  • Medium: 42 x 25.5 x 8 inches, up to 75 lbs
  • Large: 51 x 31.5 x 8, up to 100 lbs
  • X-Lage: 59.8 x 37 x 8.85, up to 150 lbs


comfy calming dog bed - coolaroo

Brother/Sister team Rocket and Rusty are hanging out in their Coolaroos on the deck. These two are a part of our pack that we’ve rescued and brought home.  As a side note, introducing a new dog into your home can be a stressful situation and one that may cause undue anxiety amongst dogs and humans alike.

Rusty working on that Kong while Rocket works on her tan.  We are ultra sensitive and cautious about their chew toys due to a bad experience.

Interestingly, these are large beds, and both Rocket and Rusty can often be found piled up on the same one.  That’s about 150 lbs of dog.

Brodie’s recommendation

Brodie is my brother’s dog and would like to make a recommendation – he thinks he looks pretty good:

Comfy calming dog bed - Brodie_1200x


Another soothing dog bed to take a look at

We’ve seen and tried the big fluffy beds that are out there, and although the dogs do enjoy them, in the end, they don’t last.

For our pack, those kinds of beds become a form of disposable beds.

Expensive disposable beds.

But, if your dogs are not chewers and you think it would last, there is another extremely comfortable bed that is sure to calm your anxious dog down. It could be the ultimate anxious dog bed for the dog with the right temperament.

Take a look at the Donut Bed by Best Friends by Sheri:

Calming Dog Bed - Best Friends

This bed is very reasonably priced and has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5+ star rating.

It’s is constructed as a kind of a donut with a raised edge to support the head and neck and a softer middle, so the dog’s body is comfy and cuddly, how they like it.

The texture on this bed is shag, and it is available in several different sizes and colors.

These dog beds are machine safe for washers and dryers – nothing to remove, throw the whole thing in the washer.  These beds are lightweight and easy to carry from room to room as needed.

As I mentioned above, note on the page you are cautioned against buying this bed for a puppy or a dog with a chewing or teeth disorder.  But for the dog with the right temperament, this is an excellent consideration when searching for the very best calming bed for dogs.

I hope this has helped a bit.

A good night’s sleep and a nice, safe, and cozy place to lay their head is something that can help with any dog’s mood.  A cozy, comfy, calming dog bed is a great way to keep your puppies happy and healthy.

We do reviews now and then, not as many as I’d like, but you can see reviews on tactical harnessescollars, invisible fences, and more on our Reviews page.


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