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We’ve created an article covering tactical dog collars, so we thought one for the best tactical dog harnesses would also be appropriate.  Two distinct functions, and two distinct use cases, so we thought two distinct articles made sense. You’ll see information and reviews about the best tactical dog harness you can find here.

There is a lot to choose from, but we have tried several and feel strongly about our selections as they are described below.

As mentioned just about everywhere else on this site, we run a dog rescue and have dogs ranging from extremely large down to our diminutive (but very much in charge) Dachshund.  These are the dogs we test this out on.  They have about 7 acres to run on, lots of hills, streams, trees, and swamps to romp in, every feasible fetch toy, and, oh yeah, they also have each other.

So the harnesses we have evaluated have been put to the test.

As mentioned previously, both my wife and I are former Marines. So when I see “tactical” anything, my ears perk up.

When it comes to tactical dog gear, I’m a fan. What can I say? I spent 16 years as a Marine, crawling through the muck, so I have a strong appreciation for gear that works well in this space.

These harnesses fall into that category and even stretch a good bit beyond by enabling a large variety of customizations, which we’ll discuss in more detail later in the article.

I’ve also mentioned quite a few times that we do not think of our dogs as just “dogs”, but rather as long-time friends, the best companions, and trusted advisors on home security issues, so we think it’s in our own best interest as well as theirs to ensure they are kept safe and have tough, durable, and useful “clothing” to wear.

Hence, the tactical dog harness.  It provides safety for your four-legged friend, will last just about forever, and has enough accessories to keep you busy for a long time.

You can spend a lot of time researching the various ratings of each, what kind of accessories, how strong it is, what sizes are offered, etc.  Or you can read below.  We’ve done the grunt work for you.

Grunt work. See what I did there?

How comfortable is it?

Dog harnesses are extremely comfortable – they are made to be so.

Usually made out of nylon or other tough material, they are also crafted to be breathable and lightweight.  Most dogs can wear these harnesses all day long with no rubbing, no chafing, and in complete comfort.

There may be a bit of a period to get used to it, but chalk that up to unfamiliarity, not discomfort.

Most likely, after a short period of time, it’ll be like they forgot they’re even wearing it.  And when they aren’t wearing it and take it out, and they see it, they’ll be excited to put it back on.

Our dogs do the crazy run every time they see us getting the harnesses out because they know it’s playtime.

How safe is it?

Almost every harness you see will mention that it is “escape proof”, which, in reality, they are pretty much.

With a solid fitting harness, reinforced stitching, and strong buckles at all of the attachment points, the harnesses are made to keep your dog safe and under control, and they do a great job of it.

Another aspect of many tactical dog harnesses is what you’ll see as “MOLLE”.

MOLLE is an acronym that stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.  As a Marine, I’m familiar with the military’s need for acronyms, so this one didn’t surprise me a bit.  But, within that acronym is a good explanation of what it is.

Basically, it’s velcro everywhere so that you can attach any number of items, from personalization patches to detachable pouches for snacks to water bottles.  Your imagination is the only limit.

Dog harness material

The specs for the webbing will often read such as 1.75″ nylon webbing with 5,000lb tensile strength.  Some won’t give the actual tensile strength, but you can estimate by the width (1.75 inch vs. 1.50in or 1.25in).  Note that these collars typically range from 2 inches wide at the largest to 1 inch or perhaps 1.25 inches.

This table shows a few of the more common materials you’ll find dog collars to be made from and how durable they are compared to others.

Collar MaterialDurabilityCommon Uses
NylonModerateEveryday use, training, various colors
LeatherHighClassic, durable, stylish, long-lasting
BiothaneHighWater-resistant, easy to clean, outdoor
ChainModerate-HighTraining, behavior correction
RopeHighRugged outdoor activities, slip leads

Dog collar buckles

The specs for the buckle will be similar and often denote a “type” of the buckle (often COBRA) and also a tensile strength.  2,500 lb tensile strength is a good rating for a collar buckle. COBRA buckles are the best around – they’re used by fighter pilots and astronauts. 

The table below details some of the more common buckle brands and types you’ll see on dog collars:

Buckle TypeStrength & DurabilityEase of UseCommon Use
COBRA BuckleHighModerateTactical, Outdoor
AustriAlpin Cobra BuckleHighModerateTactical, Outdoor
ITW Nexus GT Cobra BuckleHighModerateTactical, Outdoor
Duraflex Stealth WarriorHighModerateMilitary, Tactical
Nylon Quick ReleaseModerateEasyEveryday Dog Collars
Magnetic BuckleModerateVery EasyVarious Collars
Plastic Quick ReleaseLow-ModerateVery EasyEveryday Dog Collars
Buckle with Pin LockModerateModerateVarious Dog Collars

Replacement buckles can be found on Amazon

You’ll often see “COBRA” type buckles on both harnesses and collars.

These buckles are industry standard, ensure the safest buckle, and offer a quick-release capability.

Because of how the COBRA buckles are made, the stronger the force to pull them apart, the more “locked-in” the buckle becomes.

Fighter jets and astronauts use this COBRA buckle.

You can read more about COBRA buckles on the AustriAlpin website.  It’s actually pretty interesting!

What can I add to a tactical dog harness?

Tactical dog harnesses take the idea of velcro attachments a bit further than dog collars do.

The typical dog vest has a lot of velcro space, often will offer detachable items, and of course, a myriad of patches and personalization areas.

One item of note is that the harness, by necessity, has more buckles than a collar, so the buckle ratings on the harnesses are important to look into.

A single weak buckle can cause the entire harness to be unusable.

Tactical Dog Harness Reviews

The three dog harnesses below are our pick of the pack. 

  • Really, when you see what Icefang offers for the price, there’s almost no reason to look any further.
  • The Vivoi is an excellent alternative and comes with some nice special features. 
  • Although both offer various sizes, neither is built specifically for the small dog, so our final pick is the Beast Mojo. You gotta love the name.

Take a look below for more info:

ICEFANG MOLLE Tactical Dog Harness

Best all-around – everything you need at a great price

ICEFANG MOLLE Tactical Dog Harness

Check Price On Amazon

Features and options for Icefang tactical dog vest

  • Handle
  • No Pulling Front Leash Clip
  • Hook and Loop Panel for Dog Patch
  • Small, Medium, Large, Extra large sizes
  • Black, coyote brown, range green, safety orange, wolf gray

The Icefang harness is far and away the most popular due to its features and price.

You can’t go wrong.

With two 1,000-pound tested metal buckles, a no-pull front clip leash attachment, and MOLLE-ready, this escape-proof harness has it all.

If the price is in your range (and the price is excellent), then there is no reason to look any further.

VIVOI Tactical Service Dog Molle Vest

VIVOI Tactical Service Dog Molle Vest

Tough-looking and functional harness

Check Price On Amazon

Features and options for Vivoi tactical dog vest

  • Adjustable Training Service Harness
  • Detachable Pouches
  • Heavy-duty POM buckles
  • Medium, large, extra large
  • Black, tan

This Vivoi dog harness looks a bit different than others and has detachable pouches.

Made with nylon and breathable mesh, your dog will stay cool.

The reinforced stitching ensures this vest can withstand the activities of your pooch.

This vest comes with three detachable pouches, five moral patches, a USA Flag patch, and four reflective patches.

OneTigris Tactical Dog / Puppy Harness

OneTigris Tactical Dog / Puppy Harness

Small and Mighty! “Beast Mojo”!

Check Price On Amazon

Features and options for OneTigris tactical dog vests

  • Handle
  • Military Vest for Small Dogs
  • Easy Control Training & Walking
  • Extra small
  • Brown

Just because your dog is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a tactical harness.

Calling this one “Beast Mojo” will ensure your little dog’s self-esteem is intact.

This vest has most of the others’ features, with the likely exception that you can actually use the carrying handle on this one.

What can I add to a tactical dog harness?

A lot of the fun with these tactical dog harnesses and vests is deciding what kind of patches you’d like to add.

Whereas dog collars allow a patch or two, the harnesses give you the freedom to add many items and not only patches but things like water bottles, first aid kits, etc.  The sky’s the limit.  Below are a few examples to get the ball rolling. As you look around, you are bound to find many others to suit your particular needs.

MOLLE attachment pack - tactical dog vest

MOLLE attachment pack

The typical tactical dog harness provides the ability to add a lot of items.  An attachment pack such as this ensures you have all the necessary attachment points, so you can attach just about anything you want. Note that this is a MOLLE Backpack kit, but its beauty is that it also works great for dog harnesses and vests.

MOLLE Food and water bowl for tactical dog harness

OneTigris collapsible dog food and water bowl

This lightweight attachment lets your dog carry his food and water dish.  It expands to provide ample drinking and eating while on the trail and, when collapsed, is easily snapped onto the dog’s vest.  This is very light and easily attached to your dog’s vest at 5.5 inches X 5.5 inches.

OneTigris MOLLE pouch for tactical dog vest

OneTigris EDC Horizontal MOLLE Pouch for Tool Treat Med

This pouch is great for carrying food or perhaps medical supplies.  It measures 4.5 inches high, 7 inches long, and 1.5 inches deep.  It is probably not a great pouch to have your toy poodle carry, but if you have a larger dog, this can easily be attached to a vest and become indispensable as you venture into the woods (or wherever).

Along with the attachments above, you can find a dizzying array of personalization patches.  A few are shown below to whet your whistle.   Clicking any of the items below will take you to Amazon, where you can see how to personalize them further.

Do Not Pet - dog collar velcro badge

“Service Dog: Do not pet” is a pretty common patch that you’ll see.  Of course, this can be mixed and matched with other messages.  “Ask to pet” is pretty common also.

customizable badge for your dog

This one allows you to customize it to say whatever you want.

Velcro flags for dog collars

Here you can buy a bundle of patches to suit your mood.  Couple of flags, skulls, Don’t tread on me’s, and some skull/flag combos.

Beast Mode - dog collar velcro badge

Pretty cool…I mean, right?

tactical dog collar badges

Another bundle of patches, this time 6 of them.  You get the flag, the skull, “In God we trust”, Si vis pacem para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war), Don’t tread on me, and Molon Labe (Come and take them).  This last one was said by King Leonidas, the Spartan king when Xerxes commanded the Spartans to lay down their weapons.  The rest, of course, is history.

There are many other tactical dog harnesses on the market, and of course, we recommend doing your due diligence.  Your dog’s safety is important, so take the time to read this article, other articles, and the reviews for the items you are considering.  A bit of extra time here can save you much grief later.

We do reviews now and then, not as many as I’d like, but you can see reviews on comfy dog beds, indestructible dog bedscollarsinvisible fences, Fi smart dog collars, and more on our Reviews page.

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