Dog-Safe Snake Repellents: Effective Solutions for Protecting Your Pet

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Are you a dog owner who loves spending time in your garden or yard? If so, you’re probably aware of the potential danger snakes can pose to you and your furry companion. While countless snake-repellent products are on the market, finding one that is both effective and safe for your dog can be challenging. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of using dog-safe snake repellents and offer tips for finding the best product to protect your beloved pets from potential harm. With the right repellent, you can enjoy your outdoor space with peace of mind, knowing that your dogs are safe from harm.

We have a few wooded acres where the dogs like to run, and we find copperheads every year. To date, we’ve had three dogs get bitten by copperheads. All three are fine, but the pain they endured (and the vet bills we endured) have led us to be aggressive about keeping snakes off our land.

We also see rat snakes, garter snakes, and a few others, and although I would like some to stay on the property for pest control, snake repellents are pretty much all or nothing.

Using a variety of dog-safe snake repellents helps us maintain a snake-free zone around our home without worrying about toxic chemicals or ingredients that might harm our dogs. These repellents often use natural ingredients and non-toxic substances to deter snakes, making them a more environmentally friendly and pet-safe option.

When selecting a dog-safe snake repellent, it’s crucial to consider the ingredients, efficacy, and application method. Ensure the product is safe for dogs and other pets while effectively repelling snakes. Also, consider the ease of application and how frequently the repellent needs to be applied to maintain effectiveness.

Copperhead camoflauge
I overturned a piece of plywood and found this guy

We have tried quite a few and have opinions about what works and what doesn’t.

It’s worth mentioning that many pest control companies say that the only way to control snakes is to catch them and remove them from your property and that any over-the-counter snake repellent is a waste of money. This has not been my experience.

Before hiring a pest control professional, and unless you have any kingsnake musk or mongoose urine lying around, look at what we are sharing to help with your decisions around managing snakes.

The best snake repellent

The preferred repellent is not needing a repellent. Keeping the yard clean, clutter-free, and cutting grass short is the best approach. It won’t solve all the problems, but with fewer places to hide, you’ll have fewer snakes.

I tend to think about how easy it is for predators to find snakes. The shorter the grass, the easier the hawks can see the snakes.

Eagle carrying snake
The ultimate snake-repellent

But, aside from that, let’s look at some over-the-counter dog-safe snake repellents you can use.

I’m breaking these snake repellents into three broad categories:

  • Granules and sprays, which are used in a broadcast method to cover a wide area with the snake-repellent substance
  • Pouches and balls, which are more location-specific
  • Ultrasonic solar-powered devices, which you place around your yard to keep the little slitheries at bay.

As a side note, for some reason, we have taken to calling snakes “no-necks.” We heard my wife’s great-grandmother refer to them as no-necks once, and it’s just kinda stuck. So you may see the reference to no-necks below. Just know that means snakes. I mean, they don’t have necks, right?

Best Dog-Safe Snake Repellents – Granules and Sprays

Discover our top picks for the most effective dog-safe snake repellents on Amazon.

Victor Snake-A-Way Outdoor Snake Repelling Granules

Victor Snake-a-way dog safe snake repellent

Victor VP364B-10 Snake-A-Way is an effective and dog-safe snake repellent that provides a reliable solution to keep snakes at bay.


  • Effective for various snake species
  • EPA-Registered and long-lasting protection
  • Coverage of up to 1.25 acres (10 lb pound)


  • Strong unpleasant odor
  • Needs reapplication after heavy rain
  • Wearing gloves is necessary for application

This is our go-to and seems to have the best results.

We seem to be in good company as the product on Amazon has over 8,000 reviews and maintains a healthy 4.5-star average.

The granules deliver a reliable barrier, disrupting the snake’s sensory reception and forcing it to leave for fresh air.

While the repellent works wonders, it has a strong odor, but the effects outweigh the temporary discomfort. The repellent offers long-lasting protection of up to 2-3 months, but I need to reapply it after heavy rain to ensure the best results.

Since I live in Georgia, I re-apply often.

The widespread coverage of up to 1.25 acres is impressive, making it perfect for protecting larger areas such as cabins, gardens, and sheds.

We have a few acres and get a good bit of rain, so I go through several bags each year.

Overall, the Victor VP364B-10 Snake-A-Way is a practical, dog-safe solution to keep the no-necks out of your outdoor space.

Customer Reviews:

“I bought this the first time in 2020, after seeing 3 snakes in the backyard. Spread this snake repellent out, and have not seen a snake since. I will always buy this because it works.” – Verified Customer

“After month #2 I still haven’t seen any snakes in my yard. Not even the baby ones!” – Another Verified Customer

Ortho Snake B Gon1 – Snake Repellent Granules

Ortho Snake B Gon1 - Snake Repellent Granules, No-Stink Formula, Covers Up to 1,440 sq. ft., 2 lbs. (2-Pack) 2 Pack (New Version)

If you’re looking to keep snakes away from your home while ensuring the safety of your pets, Ortho Snake B Gon1 Repellent Granules is a reliable choice.

We’ve used them, and they seem to work. We always have some lying around, and I’ll spot-check some areas with some SnakeBGone if I find a snake hole.


  • Prevents snake entry, nesting, and foraging
  • No strong or offensive odors
  • Covers a large area of up to 1,440 sq. ft.


  • May need frequent reapplication, especially after rain
  • Not for use on or around plants intended for consumption
  • Effectiveness may vary depending on location

Not as many ratings as others, SnakeBGon is holding a stead 4-star rating with over 500 reviews as of the date of this writing.

Ortho Snake B Gon1 Repellent Granules provides an easy-to-use solution for keeping snakes away from your property without exposing your pets to harmful chemicals. After applying the granules around my home, including the garage and woodpile, I noticed a significant decrease in snake activity.

The no-stink formula doesn’t have a strong or offensive smell, which is great for sensitive noses. a single two pound bottle covers up to 1,440 sq. ft., making it an economical choice for homeowners needing a larger coverage area. However, reapplication may be needed more frequently after heavy rainfall or if snake activity increases.

Although the product is safe for people, pets, and most plants, it is not for use on or around plants intended for consumption. Remember this if you have a vegetable garden or fruit-bearing trees.

Ortho Snake B Gon1 Repellent Granules is a reliable, dog-safe snake repellent perfect for keeping your property snake-free.

Customer Reviews:

“So far so good. Guess it works. Haven’t seen any snakes lately.”

“We live in the country; snakes like to use the cement blocks of our house for hanging around, then they end up falling into our basement (the house is only a decade old). This stuff does work shaken around the foundation.”

Safer 5951 Snake Shield Granular Repellent

Safer Brand Snake Shield Granular Repellent - Outdoor Snake Repelling Granules 4LB

This dog-safe snake repellent offers long-lasting protection and effectiveness, perfect for those seeking peace of mind around their home and pets.


  • Effective against various snake types
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Long-lasting and weather-resistant


  • It may require reapplication after heavy rain

The granular formula is easy to apply—shake the bag and spread it across your yard, garden, or other outdoor areas. I appreciated that it is harmless to snakes and safe to use around people, pets, and plants, which gave me peace of mind when protecting my home and outdoor spaces.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The product must be reapplied after heavy rain and is unsuitable for indoor use.

Customer Review 1: “I’ve noticed since I have used this, I don’t see snakes around my house. Just sprinkle around the house, garage doors, and woodshed.” -Amazon User

Customer Review 2: “This is my favorite snake product. Easy to use, I spread it around my chicken coops and house foundation. I just have to remember to refresh after a rain.” -Amazon User

Exterminators Choice – Snake Defense Spray

Exterminators Choice - Snake Defense Spray

Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defense Spray is a reliable and pet-safe option for repelling common snakes from your property.


  • Effective on most common snake types
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Non-toxic formula safe for pets and kids


  • Requires reapplication every 2-3 weeks
  • May have a strong cinnamon scent
  • Can be less effective in wet conditions

Oddly enough, I found a couple of containers of this in the garage when I bought my house. Since they were “free,” I used them, and although the smell seemed like it would work (clove and peppermint) since it’s a spray, it didn’t seem to last as long, and I ended up re-applying quite often.

I believe it worked well, and I can recommend it, but again, I would say that you may end up re-applying more often than with some of the other approaches.

The natural ingredients, including clove, cinnamon, and peppermint oil, make this snake repellent safe for my pets and kids.

Here are two actual reviews from customers:

“Seems to work great. You should put the contents in a sprayer that consistently works. Day after I sprayed I ran across 4 snakes but they seemed to be disoriented. Haven’t seen any since. Would recommend”

“The smell is horrible, but so far it’s working.”

Best Dog-Safe Snake Repellents – Pouches and Balls

Pufado Snake Repellent for Yard and Home

Pufado Snake Repellent [dog safe]

This Pufado Snake Repellent is a pet-safe and effective choice for keeping snakes away from your yard and home, making it a worthwhile purchase.

These are super convenient and easy to place in hard to reach places.


  • Natural ingredients keep snakes away
  • Applies easily to both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Safe for children and pets


  • Strong scent may be overpowering
  • Requires reapplication after 2-3 months
  • Effectiveness varies on snake species

The repellent comes in pouches, making it convenient to place around your home, garage, and even your flowerbeds without causing any harm to your beloved plants.

I like this approach as throwing these pouches under a deck or behind a shed is easier. Sprinkling granules in such areas is more difficult.

Although it is very effective, the strong scent of this repellent can sometimes be overpowering, especially if used in enclosed spaces. However, this can also be seen as an advantage as it reinforces the repellent’s potential to keep snakes at bay.

It’s important to reapply the repellent every 2-3 months to maintain its effectiveness, as the scent tends to fade over time.

Overall, Pufado Snake Repellent is a reliable solution for homeowners looking to protect their outdoor spaces from unwanted snake encounters. The natural ingredients ensure that it’s safe for use around children and pets, making it a versatile and practical option for snake protection.

A couple of reviews from verified purchasers:

“I started seeing Copperheads in my yard last summer. I also found a 2-footer in my garage. We have pets and grandkids, so no snakes for me. I spread these around the yard and at the edge of the garage.”

“I put these down around the perimeter of my house where the snakes like to hide in the bushes. When they are down, I don’t see snakes. Once they disintegrate after a few weeks, the snakes return.”

Titoland Snake Repellent

Titoland Dog-safe Snake Repellent for Yard Powerful, 10 Pack Moth Balls

Keep your yard snake-free and pet-safe with Titoland Snake Repellent, a natural and effective solution to deter snakes from your outdoor spaces.

As with the pouches, these can be easily placed in hard-to-reach places.


  • Natural ingredients safe for pets
  • Waterproof and sun-proof balls for long-lasting protection
  • Effective against various snake species


  • Requires placement every 98 inches for optimal results
  • May need frequent replacement (every 45-60 days)
  • Limited to outdoor use

With natural extracts of sulfur, mint, castor, garlic oil, and camphor, it’s effective at repelling snakes like copperheads and rattlesnakes and safe for dogs to play around with.

The repellent’s unique ball design makes it easy to distribute in infested areas, and its waterproof and sun-proof properties ensure it’ll keep working even after rain.

Real customer review: “Living in the country means dealing with snakes near our pool often. Powder repellants usually wash away with rain, but Titoland’s snake repellent works great and can be placed in several areas to deter snakes. I’m really happy with my purchase!”

Best Dog-Safe Snake Repellents – Ultrasonic devices

I will keep this one short – I don’t have a lot of faith in these devices.

The industry has turned “ultrasonic mole deterrent” or “ultrasonic rodent deterrent” devices into “ultrasonic snake repellent” devices to increase sales. They may work with moles, rats, or gophers, but I haven’t seen much luck with snakes.

Science tells us snakes feel vibrations and hear differently from other animals, so expecting a gopher device to work on a snake isn’t entirely logical.

If you run some google searches, it doesn’t take long to find images of snakes curled up around these devices. Easy to stage, for sure, but it is interesting to see.

Dog-safe snake repellent
Saw this guy when coming down the ladder

Buying Guide

Choosing the right dog-safe snake repellent can make all the difference in protecting your beloved pets from potential snake bites. This buying guide will discuss the features to consider and tips for selecting the best product for your needs.


One of the most important aspects of selecting a snake repellent is ensuring the ingredients are safe for dogs. Look for repellents that use all-natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, such as essential oils and botanical extracts.


Consider the effectiveness of the repellent in deterring snakes. Some repellents might temporarily deter snakes, while others have a longer effect. Check user reviews and product descriptions for information on how well the repellent works.

Area Coverage

Different snake repellents may cover varying amounts of land. Depending on the size of your yard or garden, select a product that provides sufficient coverage to create a protective barrier around the area where your dog spends time.

Application Method

Consider the ease of application of the snake repellent. Some products are available in granular form, while others come as sprays. Some are as easy as throwing a pouch into a general area or stabbing a solar-powered device into the ground. Choose a product with an application method that suits your needs and preferences.

Dog-safe snake repellents – conclusion

Protecting our furry friends is of the utmost importance, and although snake bites are rarely fatal, they are painful. And they cost a lot in vet bills.

Considering these features and tips, along with customer reviews, you can make an informed decision when selecting a dog-safe snake repellent for your home.

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