Can all of these dogs really get along?

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Lots of dogs all getting along

My wife and I run an unofficial dog rescue that has formed over the years simply because we cannot drive by a stray dog. We pick them up.

We currently have 8 dogs, which is the least we’ve had in quite some time.

We’ve had as many as 22 at once, although that was a bit of an oddity as a husband/wife pair we picked up that was running loose ended up giving us an additional 9 puppies a couple of weeks later.  As a side note, this husband and wife team (Binky and Hercules) were Labs. Hercules was 120 pounds.

Can Pit Bulls and Rottweilers live together?

To sum it up, from smallest to largest, we have a Dachshund, a Schipperke, a red mutt thing, another red mutt thing, Boxer, 3 Pit Bulls, Rottweiler, and several Labradors, and a Bernese Mountain Dog, all living together.

I won’t say there’s never a problem, but they do get along for the most part.

One of the Pit Bulls can be food aggressive, so we feed him by himself.  Other than that, he doesn’t bother anybody and plays nicely.

Rocket-and-Rusty-letting-sleeping-pit-bulls-lieWe adhere to Cesar’s advice and let them form their own pack.  Oddly enough, our pack leader is the female Pittie. She sets the pace and mood for everybody else, and nobody pushes up against her.

Rocket is her name, and she is in charge.  Just ask her, she’ll tell you.

Of course, also in the vein of Cesar’s advice, we are the actual pack leaders, not any of the dogs.

Rocket and her brother Rusty, Pit Bulls we found scavenging for food near a subdivision a few years ago, have remained the very best of friends over the years and have been truly wonderful friends to have around the house.

The main question we usually get is how the Pitties get along with each other and with the Rottweiler.

Isn’t that too much “big dog” in the same space?

I won’t lie, there have been scuffles, but again, that’s them establishing their pack.

Cody, our Rottweiler, is a big baby and never wanted to be the pack leader anyway. He prefers to sit his 90-pound ass in your lap and watch TV.

What about Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dachshunds?

The Dachshund is the problem.

Talk about attitude.

Baron is his name, and he’s pretty sure he should be in charge but can’t quite break the code to get there.

Again, there have been scuffles, and Baron has his scars to prove his toughness.

Dachshunds are tough by nature.  These days, Baron is content to leave Rocket and Rusty alone.

Pitbulls and Rottweiler together

I love the picture above.  Two Pit Bulls and a Rottweiler sleeping together on a couch.  Well, two are sleeping, Rusty is posing.

But know this – dogs won’t sleep if they feel danger.

These dogs are completely 100% at ease with each other.

Three powerful dogs, any of them typical Alpha dogs in any pack, sleeping peacefully on the sofa.  The only real concern is where I’m supposed to sit?

Calm dogs are wonderful dogs.

We put a lot of effort into ensuring our pack is as calm as can be.  Anxious dogs are dogs that will cause disruption and problems.  Calm dogs generally do not, or at least do so far less often.

We have created an article that goes into great detail to help you calm your dog down and another one that will help you introduce new dogs to your family and pack.  If you find yourself in either situation, please take a look.

Can they live together?

Can all of these dogs live together? Harmonize together? Bring joy to the family together?

Absolutely…without a doubt.