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Cody - Rottweiler

What are Rottweilers like?

What’s it like living with a Rottweiler? Are Rotties good dogs? Meet Cody, the Rottweiler …or as we often called him, the Not-Weiler because he was nothing like we expected a Rottie to be. We have since changed our perceptions on this and understand them to be the sweetest and most gentle dogs around. So … Read more

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge – remembering our lost friends

The Rainbow Bridge – helping to grieve for you lost four legged friend We were given this on a memorial card when we had our first dog cremated.  It made us cry then and still does whenever we read it. Having lived with a lot of dogs throughout the years, I hope that when my … Read more


The 10 Commandments – for the pet owner

The 10 commandments for dog lovers As you may know by now if you’ve read very far on this page, my wife and I run an informal dog rescue. We’re very good at rescuing them but very bad about letting them go or finding new homes for them. As a consequence, we have a lot … Read more


Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good dogs?

What’s it like living with a Bernese Mountain Dog? Are Berners good dogs? The Bernese Mountain Dog – what are they like? This came up recently as a co-worker of mine was considering getting a Bernese Mountain Dog.  He knew they were lovable dogs, but he has a toddler, so he was a bit concerned.  … Read more


Can all of these dogs really get along?

Dogs living together – various “aggressive” breeds, living happily together My wife and I run an unofficial dog rescue that has formed over the years simply because we cannot drive by a stray dog. We pick them up. We currently have 8 dogs, which is the least we’ve had in quite some time. We’ve had … Read more

Ginger - labrador 1a 800x

Chew Toys can kill

Some chew toys can kill or be very dangerous to your dog – read here to find out what to look for. I’m not a fear-based type of person, and I normally shy away from titles like that, but I wanted to send a powerful signal. Make no mistake about it, the wrong type of … Read more