Can dogs eat Froot Loops?

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No, your dog should not eat Froot Loops.

I love a big bowl of Froot Loops as much as the next guy but they aren’t good for me and they aren’t good for your dog.

If your dog eats a couple, it won’t be the end of the world but we are staunchly against giving dogs sugar for any reason, and Froot Loops are pretty much 110% sugar, maybe more.

There’s no health benefit to be derived from your dog eating sugar and there are plenty of other, healthy snacks your dog can eat. Don’t let the “made from whole grain” make you think there’s anything healthy about them.

And this goes for all of the Froot Loop varieties you see these days: Froot Loop Snax, Froot Loop Pop Tarts, Froot Loops with Marshmallows, Froot Loops Tropical, etc.  All tasty to us – I love ’em – but not good for Fido.

Buy some store bought treats that are healthy and low calorie or throw them an edamame bean or perhaps a bell pepper slice instead.  Much better for Fido and you get to keep more of your Froot Loops for yourself.

Short answer, no your dog should not eat Froot Loops.

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