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Rusty the PitBull with reading glasses.

Grain Free Dog Food – Heart Problems? FDA weighs in

Grain Free dog food – heart problems?  FDA weighs in on the discussionFDA Investigates Dog Food linked to canine heart diseaseWhy might Grain Free dog food cause canine heart disease?16…

Bruno the boxer puppy posing

How to introduce a new dog into your home – 13 topics

Taking in a new pooch is serious businessBringing the dog home – allow some decompression timeBe prepared for stomach issuesWhere the potty?Creating a welcoming space for your new dogA new…

Tactical dog harness on dog

The Best Tactical Dog Harness (2020)

The Best Tactical Dog Harness (2020)How comfortable is it?How safe is it?What can I add to a tactical dog harness?Tactical Dog Harness ReviewsIcefang Tactical Dog HarnessVivoi Tactical Military MOLLE Dog…

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge – remembering our lost friends

We were given this on a memorial card when we had our first dog cremated.  It made us cry then and still does whenever we read it. Having lived with…


Indestructible Dog Bed

Indestructible Dog BedThe story so farChew Proof BedsChew Resistant BedsNote on Kevlar bedsMaking your own indestructible dog bed – the DIY methodOur testing of chew proof and chew resistant dog…


The 10 Commandments – for the pet owner

The 10 Commandments for the pet owner1 – My life will last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful.2 – Give me time to understand what…

indestructible dog chew toy

Indestructible dog chew toys for aggressive chewers

The best indestructible dog chew toys for aggressive chewersKong chew toysDeer antler dog chews The best indestructible dog chew toys for aggressive chewers We rescue dogs and have had a…


The Best Tactical Dog Collar (2020)

The Best Tactical Dog Collar (2020)How comfortable is the tactical dog collar?How safe is the tactical dog collar?Tactical Dog Collar ReviewsThe Excellent Elite Spanker featuring control handleOneTigris Military Adjustable Dog…


Can all of these dogs really get along?

Can Pit Bulls and Rottweilers live together?What about Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dachshunds? Calm dogs are wonderful dogsCan they live together?  My wife and I run an unofficial dog rescue that…

puppies looking through a fence

The best invisible dog fence – wired and wireless

The best invisible dog fenceInvisible Dog FencesInvisible Fencing Options for your petIsn’t it mean to shock a dog into behaving?  Sounds cruel.Do you need this even if you already have…

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pit bull on calming dog bed

The best comfy, calming dog bed

I started writing this with the intention of creating a sort of “dog bed review” article here but instead will focus on the single comfy calming bed for dogs that…

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9 most dangerous food for dogs_transparent

The 9 most dangerous foods for dogs

The 9 most dangerous foods for dogsMacadamia nutsChocolateGarlicXylitolGrapes and RaisinsAlcoholCaffeineFruits with pitsRaw yeast doughOther harmful foods for dogs to considerApples SeedsHopsMoldy foodsLicoriceAvocadoMilk and other dairy productsWhat else?What do you do…

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Anxiety meds for dogs - veterinarian

Anxiety meds for dogs

Anxiety meds for dogsWhen things went from bad to worse for my friendDogs are intelligent, social creaturesThere are three main causes of anxiety in dogs:1.  Separation anxiety is a big…

relaxing dog - Jake

How to calm a dog down

How to Calm a Dog DownClinical signs of stressNervous or hyperactive?My experience with nervous dogsThe most important thing is youHow to tell when your dog is nervous or scared Trembling…

Is garlic safe for dogs - garlic cloves - onions

Can dogs eat garlic?

Can dogs eat garlic?How much garlic is toxic for dogs?Why do so many say that garlic is good for dogs?What about garlic bread? My dog eats it all the time…

Can dogs eat black olives - Blitz

Are olives bad for dogs?

Most likely, your dog is fineWhat is an olive?Are black olives good for dogs?Are black olives bad for dogs?Should I feed my dog black olives?My dog just ate a slice…

Rusty - pit bull

Are Pit Bulls dangerous?

The Pit BullWhere do Pit Bulls get their name?Famous Pit Bulls through historyMiscellaneous facts about Pit BullsAre Pit Bulls good watchdogs?Are Pit Bulls dangerous?Are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive?Why do Pit…

Bruno the boxer with tennis ball

Are Boxers good dogs?

The BoxerIs a Boxer a good watchdog?Is a Boxer a good companion?The Boxer as a protectorDo Boxers drool?Are Boxers good with kids?Are Boxers good with other dogs?Are Boxers aggressiveWhat is…

Dog eating chocolate

Is chocolate bad for dogs?

What makes chocolate dangerous to dogs?Symptoms of chocolate toxicity in your dogHow much and what type of chocolate is dangerous?What to do when your dog eats chocolate? I’ve been around…

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Cody - Rottweiler

What are Rottweilers like?

Meet Cody, the RottweilerHow Cody came to live with usIs a Rottweiler a good watchdog?Is the Rottweiler a good companion?The Rottweiler as a protectorDo Rottweilers drool?Are Rottweilers good with kids?Are…