JollyMutt – a calm dog is a happy dog

relaxing dog - Jake

Jake, the uber relaxed dog, is pictured above and I love the fact that he was stretched out like that with other Pit Bulls and a Rottweiler nearby.  Dog’s won’t sleep like that unless they are extremely comfortable in their surroundings.  Jake obviously was. 

Not a care in the world. 

If you spend time caring for your dogs then I hope the end result is total bliss and relaxation as Jake is showing above.  However, I also know it’s not easy and it’s not automatic so much of JollyMutt is dedicated to helping you help your best friends to achieve that kind of bliss.

My wife and I have been rescuing dogs for over 20 years now and we’ve seen many different types of dogs with a large variety of comfort levels.  The information here on JollyMutt is pulled from that 20+ years and how we have been able to help otherwise nervous and untrusting dogs become calm, happy, safe, and of course well loved.