Gifts and toys

Gifts and toys for your dog

We’re a big fan of giving our dog’s gifts and toys for just about any reason at all.  They we celebrate their birthdays, they get gifts for Christmas, and we even get them nice and healthy Easter baskets.

This page is your single stop shopping for all gifts and toys for your pups.

First, a word of caution.  Use extreme care in the type of toy you let your dogs play with and chew on.  We’ve been rescuing dogs for over 20 years now and we were 17 years into it before we lost our first one to a chew toy.  I wrote an article about how dangerous rope chew toys can be.  Please take a look.

We participate in several of the “toys of the month” type offerings so I’d like to go through a bit of a review of what we have found so far

Bark Box

Pooch Perks


Kong Box

The Dapper Dog Box