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pit bull on calming dog bed

Do Pitbulls shed? How much do Pitbulls shed?

You want to know do Pitbulls shed and, if so, how much? Short answer – yes, Pitbulls shed, a lot! Do Pitbulls shed? Yes, they do – quite a bit. Click through to find out why and how you can help reduce the amount of hair on your floor. But, as always, there is more … Read more

My Bullymake box subscription review – 2 years in

Bullymake review – after 2 years We’ve been happy customers of Bullymake for over 2 years now so thought it was high time for a Bullymake review based on our personal experience. We run a dog rescue and Bullymake toys are enjoyed by our large number of dogs every day, several of which we would … Read more

Orange dog poop after chicken and rice

The color of your dog’s poop can indicate issues you need to be aware of. Orange dog poop after chicken and rice is probably not a concern. Read more to better understand what to look for and what to do next Orange dog poop can indicate a serious problem that may require veterinarian assistance.  Or … Read more

Fi Collar Review – Series 3 smart dog collar

Our new Fi smart dog collars Among our rescue dogs are two who have become quite accomplished escape artists.  We’ve had no luck keeping them contained in spite of multiple upgrades to the fences, so we decided to buy a couple of Fi Smart Dog collars for this pair of canine hooligans.  We like the … Read more

Why does my dog headbutt me?

Ever been headbutted by your dog? If so, you’re not alone! Many dog owners have experienced this odd behavior from their pets and end up asking, “why is my dog head-butting me?” What is my dog trying to tell me? Why does my dog headbutt me? Is it aggression, a sign of affection? Is my … Read more

The 9 most dangerous foods for dogs

ASPCA poison control hotline – available 24/7/365: (888) 426-4435 The 9 most dangerous foods for dogs and a few extras to consider. Symptoms and immediate actions to take. Emergency numbers. And vomit! The 9 most dangerous foods for dogs Even the most attentive dog owner can’t keep Fido out of trouble all the time.  Dogs … Read more

Dog dentures

Dogs are just like people. Are dog dentures necessary for your dog? Are they a good idea? Dentures for dogs are not usually recommended – click through to find out why. They can get cavities, plaque build-up, and gum disease. If your dog has a missing tooth or teeth, dog dentures might be the solution … Read more

Why does my dog nibble on my cat?

Dogs nibbling on cats, what the heck? I’m not talking about biting them, but rather that nibbling thing they do. Make me wonder – why does my dog nibble on my cat? Why does my dog nibble on my cat? Is it affection? Curiosity? Hunger? Is It something to be concerned about or should I … Read more

Dog side eye – what does it mean?

Dog side-eye, an introduction Side-eye from your dog communicates volumes. Often it’s interpreted as irritation, exasperation, aloofness, or just about anything else. Think about when you get side-eye from the 6-year-old. Same range of meanings (in my not-so-humble opinion). Dog side eye, what is going on? Is my dog irritated, scared? What about whale eye? … Read more

My dog chipped a tooth. What now?

If your dog chipped a tooth, first know that it’s not all that uncommon. If you’ve looked around our site, you’ll see we have many dogs, and we see tooth fragments now and then. Your dog chipped a tooth? Fractured dog teeth are not uncommon but they should be treated as emergencies. Click through to … Read more

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